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Welcome 4 new cryptos and win prizes

Welcome Solana, Sushi, Rarible, and Polygon to your next investment journey.

If you read our latest blog post, then you already know about the 4 amazing coins that have recently landed in your Change app: Solana (SOL), Sushi (SUSHI), Rarible (RARI) and Polygon (MATIC). From an Ethereum challenger to an NFT powerhouse, there’s enough diversification here to truly give you that investing edge.

Play Crypto Crush, Change’s very own crypto game, and you could get your score back in one of our amazing new coins.

To enter, you just need to complete a trade and then compete for the highest score in this all-too-familiar arcade classic.

Here’s how to play, qualify, and crush it:

1. Trade at least €100 (buy or sell any crypto) between August 26-30.
2. Open Crypto Crush in your browser.
3. Match multiple groups of 3 or more identical cryptos as fast as you can within 30 seconds.

The top 10 winners on the Crypto Crush leaderboard will get their final scores in crypto! If the first place winner earns 100 points, they’ll snag a sweet €100 back in one of the four new coins: SOL, SUSHI, MATIC or RARI.

Check back the final results one this page on August 31.

The final results

Dear Changemakers,

Thank you for taking part in the Crypto Crush campaign! There were so many players who scored exactly 100 points 🤩However, not everyone met the requirement of a completed €100 trade during the campaign.

On the final leaderboard, we have 41 winners!

As per T&C, “If two or more participants have the same amount of points on the final leaderboard, they will split the prizes equally”. That’s why we’re going to split the prizes equally among all winners. The top scorers will share the top-10 prize pool of €1,000, and each will receive €25.

All the winners below will receive €25 in SOL by 17:00 GMT on September 1 and will be notified by email.

Email Prize in SOL
007k****** €25
alo.****** €25
andr****** €25
bori****** €25
chri****** €25
dest****** €25
dmyt****** €25
erik****** €25
erkk****** €25
eva-****** €25
geor****** €25
gert****** €25
grip****** €25
hela****** €25
jani****** €25
jano****** €25
jiri****** €25
jojo****** €25
juur****** €25
kidr****** €25
kris****** €25
kris****** €25
kvar****** €25
lepi****** €25
liin****** €25
mark****** €25
martv****** €25
maur****** €25
moni****** €25
prii****** €25
psep****** €25
raal****** €25
romy****** €25
samk****** €25
silv****** €25****** €25
thom****** €25
toli****** €25
walt****** €25
zetp****** €25
zora******net €25

*The leaderboard was updated at 10:15 GMT on August 31.

Stay tuned for more campaigns 🙌

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