WE’rE SimpliFYIng
WeaLTH Creation
We were foundeD with the mission
that anyone can be an investoR
In 2015, our team was part of a VC fund investing into world-changing companies that brought high returns to investors. We kept seeing the same faces - a few wealthy individuals who could afford to tap into the world’s success.

One year, two angel investments, and many fights against the status quo later, Change was about to become a global movement. Within days, 7000+ people crowd-funded our mission of making investing open to the world.
MOre than 135 thousand people from  
30 nations tRust us In wealth creation
“#1 App To Buy & Spend Crypto”
“Great app and wallet so far!”
“Changing the way you buy crypto”
“Change team is working on day and night, to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses, to actually let them pay with cryptocurrencies”
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“Change says the aim of the company is to become one of the world's leading banks”
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“Tokenisation of assets, for example, is already changing how people invest, spend and raise capital around the world”
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Our investors
Change has 7000+ investors around the globe.
Here's what some of our more well-known
investors are saying about Change
Roger Crook
Former CEO of DHL
"They got so much drive and passion to make this a success. I've no doubt that this business is going to thrive."
Hubertus Thonhauser
Chairman of Tezos Foundation
"Change’s team is great - I’m a big fan!"
Sonny Aswani
Director of Tolaram Group
"I've been following their journey since they launched in Singapore in 2016. One of the strongest startup teams from Estonia, I have seen."
Asse Sauga
Former CTO of Agrello
"Change helps retail investors get involved with emerging digital assets flawlessly. With an increasing demand for these assets, investing into Change has been a no-brainer."
small team with a big Vision
We believe the future of finance is open, inclusive and empowering. The values that also make us successful as a team.

Coming together from 10 countries, we push the limits to build a world where everyone has equal access to exciting financial services. We are looking for you to make this dream a reality.
With experience from
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