New at Change: Solana, Sushi, Rarible, and Polygon

August 24, 2021

As the crypto space is evolving at a fast pace with hundreds of new assets to choose from, we're happy to announce that now you can invest in 4 new cryptocurrencies in Change. Here's an introduction to the coins that are already available in our app!

Solana (SOL)

Firstly it's important to note that Solana is not only a cryptocurrency but a public blockchain, and it's trying to challenge Ethereum as the go-to platform for decentralized applications. Solana is built for speed and efficiency, meaning it can process up to 50 000 payments per second with fees of less than a penny. That's a big selling point considering that Ethereum can currently manage around 15 transactions per second. Launched in the spring of 2020, Solana's native SOL token has lately broken into the Top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap. As more companies start using its network, Change users now have the chance to invest in the promising Solana infrastructure for decentralized applications. For more regular updates from the Solana team, you can read their News page, which includes monthly newsletters, feature updates, and explainer articles.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (formerly Matic Network) solves pain points associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing security. The developers behind Polygon sought ways to improve the speed and reduce the cost and complexities of transactions on Ethereum using a Layer 2 scaling solution. This means that Polygon acts as an add-on layer to Ethereum, where transactions can be finalized without changing the original blockchain layer. Powering the network is a MATIC token, and it has a variety of purposes in the ecosystem, including network governance, staking and paying for gas fees. For more updates from one of Ethereum's top scaling solutions, you can visit their blog.

Sushi (SUSHI)

When it comes to decentralized exchanges or DEXs where users can trade directly with one another, Sushi is one of the popular rivals to the biggest DEX Uniswap. It’s an Ethereum-based app where users can access many different DeFi products and services such as yield farming, lending, borrowing and SUSHI token staking. This is done, of course, without the need for a central operator while using an automated market maker system with smart contracts to complete transactions. Besides staking SUSHI, token holders can also have their say in the platform's future by voting on protocol improvement proposals. To learn more about Sushi, visit their tutorial page.

Rarible (RARI)

Surely you have heard of NFTs by now - the unique digital assets that have taken the crypto space by storm this year. Rarible is a platform that makes it possible for creators and artists to issue and sell their work as NFTs. It's worth noting that Rarible is also a marketplace for digital assets, which enables trading without a mediator. Rarible's central cryptocurrency is RARI, and RARI token holders can vote on proposals that affect the platform. To learn more about how Rarible works, read their FAQ page.

Stay tuned for updates as there will be another batch of new coins coming to Change soon!