Bitcoin FAQ

Let's get to the Bitcoin basics

What is Bitcoin?
Since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has been the frontrunner of digital currencies. Bitcoin is the first currency to be completely controlled by the consensus of all member of its online community - breaking the normal scheme of central banks.
Is Bitcoin safe?
Bitcoin is only as secure in the wallet in which it's stored. Change keeps your assets protected in multi-signature wallets and values your security above all else.
Is Bitcoin legal?
Yes, Bitcoin is legal in most jurisdictions around the world. A small number of nation states, such as Ecuador, do have laws against it.
How does Bitcoin work?
Bitcoin allows people to send and receive money across the internet via Bitcoin wallets. Using Blockchain technology, an unending log of every transaction is constantly kept with every transaction from every wallet.
Can I receive Bitcoin from a friend?
Yes! A verified Change account comes with a unique wallet address for receiving money from third parties.
Can I send Bitcoin to a friend?
Absolutely. You can send Bitcoin from your Change wallet to other BTC addresses provided by your friends or businesses.

Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin wallets, payment methods, and usage

How do I buy Bitcoin?
After adding euros to your Change account you can start buying Bitcoin with only €10. Just click buy, confirm the purchase, and congrats!
How can I pay for Bitcoin?
You can deposit euros to Change with a quick SEPA bank transfer (debit card deposits coming soon!).
Do I have to buy an entire Bitcoin?
No. You can purchase a fraction of a Bitcoin for only €10 or more! The market changes affect the price exactly the same.
How do I use my Bitcoin wallet?
A Bitcoin wallet is simply a method of storage for your coins. You can use the wallet to send and receive payments in Bitcoin securely.
Will I lose access to my Bitcoin if my smartphone is stolen?
Your investment is secure in your Change account. If you lose your phone you can download the Change app on another device and have access to your account. No one can access your Bitcoin via a stolen phone. Change app requires password or fingerprint to log in. In addition, we ask your confirmation for a Bitcoin withdrawal by email.

Bitcoin investing

A quick guide to your first Bitcoin investments

Is investing in Bitcoin a good idea?
Bitcoin works similarly to other financial assets and is subject to speculation and volatile rise and falls in the marketplace - be careful when deciding to enter.
How can you earn with Bitcoin?
Bitcoin purchased at a lower price and sold at a higher prices is marked as a profit. It's not a guarantee that the market will rise from your purchase price.
What happens if the price drops?
The price of Bitcoin can be influenced by real-world events - a price crash will cause a loss in money if invested.
What is the best time to buy Bitcoin?
The price of Bitcoin is not determinable and information regarding the surging or deflation of Bitcoin should almost certainly be ignored.
What does it cost to buy Bitcoin?
The price you see is the price you get! Change offers commission-free purchases and sales of all cyptoassets through our service.

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