Why live and work in Estonia

July 11, 2019

You got an offer from a company in Estonia or just exploring the idea of moving to a fully digital country? Here are 8 reasons why you should live and work in Estonia, especially in the tech industry.

1.Land of limitless wifi

Best known as the digital nation, life in Estonia is just convenient. Everything is online, modern and easily available. Even grandmas do their taxes on the smartphone and vote online. There are only 3 public services that you can’t do online. We were also the first country to make internet a human right already 20 years ago.

2. Tech and more tech

Tech savvy and hard-working, we’re famous for our booming startup scene and great corporate environment. Tech giants are roaming the country and government is highly supportive to startups. Combined with the big ambition of a small nation, we are the most entrepreneurial country in Europe with most startups and bucks invested per capita.

3. Easy and affordable life

No other tech hub beats Tallinn when it comes to optimizing your monthly expenses. Rent in Tallinn is 3 times cheaper than in Amsterdam and 8 times more affordable than in San Francisco. Free public transport and healthcare leave you more for your future and just having fun.

4. English everywhere

Basically everyone from age 7 speaks English (we even “speak code” by second grade). Whether at the doctor’s, on the street, at theshops or official institutions, it is almost always possible to get by in English.

5. When small is good

With an area of 45,000 m2 and population of 1.3 million, everything and everyone is close by. No wasting time on commuting as you can walk almost anywhere or take an affordable Uber in just a few minutes. One or two degrees of separation between you and pretty much anyone in the country means you can always reach and learn from the best people out there.

6. Safety first

Crime rates are low, people around you are relaxed and modest. Cyber safety is an especially hot topic and Estonians are globally famous for our leading practices in the field.

7. Culture beats

Culturally Estonia delivers on all fronts. From international artists, sauna parties, underground electronic clubs and film festivals, there’s always a happening of some sorts. If that’s not enough, major Nordic hubs like Stockholm and Helsinki are just a short ferry ride away!

8. So clean & so green

Estonians highly value our clean environment and endless possibilities to spend time in nature. Ancient forests covering over half of the country and almost 4000km of coastline enables all the outdoorsy activities you can imagine. Be careful with the fresh air overdose though – we have the cleanest air in the world.

Too good to be true?

We do not say Estonia is perfect, but it is a pretty awesome place to work and live. One thing to consider is the weather, for example, winters can be very cold but it is compensated by our long summer days (23h of daylight!). Also, some local people think smiling too much is a sign of insanity.

*Based on the thoughts of our team and from workinestonia.com.

What the world says

The Digital Republic

“Everything here is robots,” Kotka said. “Robots here, robots there.”Read from New-Yorker where the nickname comes from.

Europe’s hotbed for startups

Estonia is known for its tech companies, especially Skype. The technology behind the popular internet phone service, acquired by Microsoft in 2011, was (and still is) developed in Tallinn. But there’s so much more.Find out from The Economist why Estonia is a hotbed for startups.

Best value destination 2018

It’s lively yet peaceful, absurdly photogenic and bursting with wonderful sights. Throw in delightful food and vibrant modern culture and it is no wonder Tallinn seems in danger of being loved to death.

Watch an awesome video from Lonely Planet.

Tomorrow Land

Fortune called us tiny, but mighty. Is this tiny European nation a preview of our tech future they asked. Have you heard about our delivery robots yet?

Frontline of tech

“It’s a basic human right to have access to the internet,” said an Austrian entrepreneur who lives in Estonia. “Here, everything from registering as a resident to opening a company (online of course), is fast as can be.”Find out from BBC why Estonia is on the frontline of tech.

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