Change Trader of the Month February 2024

February 13, 2024
Every month we choose an outstanding customer to recognise their successful investing journey as Change Trader of the Month and share their lessons with the community.

Trader of the Month: Ann-Marii, 23

Say hello to Ann-Marii! She joined Change on October '23 and since then has built a highly profitable portfolio mainly in stock CFDs.

  • Age: 23
  • Country: Estonia
  • Portfolio size: 10,000€-50,000€
  • Started investing: October 2023

Ann-Marii's Investment Journey

1. When did you start investing? What got you started?

Idea of investing was in my head before I actually started for several years. I got the last push when I got the bank message that it was my last chance to take out my life insurance without any taxes included. It was just standing there without any benefits, so I decided to take it out and make it grow. I bought my first stock in October 2023.

2. What does your portfolio consist of?

Now I keep my portfolio small, so I have a good overview of how my assets are doing. Right now I hold ten different stocks, which I will buy more if they do well. I also have put small amounts in crypto, but for now it is not for profit reasons, but just to see how cryptocurrencies work.

3. How do you choose your investments?

I choose my investments by how I see potential in elected stocks and do quick research, what analysts think about them. For now I have chosen to keep my investment profits and salary separately, so I always have free money to spend deducted from my salary and profits I have earned from investing I reinvest in stocks.

4. What advice would you give to a beginner investor?

My advice for new investors would be to just get started. If you are not sure what will be profitable and what not, I would say it is good to find some people whose investments you trust and follow their lead, follow some analysts recommendations and if possible spread your assets between safe and more riskier investments. So you have safe space to earn good value but also insurance to take losses if things go wrong.

5. Why are you using Change?

I am using Change because it is very convenient for me to have all my investments in one app, which I can keep an eye on my assets and make transactions easily on a daily basis.

What about you?

Take Ann-Marii's advice and just get started. Get Change app and kick-off your investment journey: