The Fastest Way to Get Started with Bitcoin in 2019

January 29, 2019

2018 has been a progressive year for the cryptocurrency industry, however brutal in the crypto-market, it does not reflect the shift the industries direction to become a legitimate means of financial currency.  Now, it’s apparently clear that the concept of a decentralized economy is not just a trend, but evolutionarily imminent as its transactional abilities and democratizing benefits are undeniably supreme to that of traditional money.

In order to continue moving in this direction, ways to manage the use of cryptocurrency need to be simplified and easy, so to welcome the rest of the world in joining the revolution.

Buy Crypto with Change Wallet

The Change Wallet app is an ideal solution to this, as it has been designed with just this purpose in mind.  It is ultimately a new age challenger bank account for the intuitive management of assets in the form of cryptocurrency.

First of all, the Change wallet can be downloaded and set up on your smartphone in only 10 minutes, and for free. The app provides an incredibly clear and unambiguous interface, with a minimalistic design that comes as second-nature to use and navigate.

The app allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin safely in one place and with zero commission fees.  So far Change supports bitcoin, ether, litecoin, tether and ripple which can all be bought via bank transfer and converted between one another all within the app, and once again. Most exchanges charge anywhere from 1.49% (Coinbase) up to 5% (eToro) to purchase, and then again to trade cryptocurrencies.

Via Change, the conversion between cryptocurrencies is as easy as one click. Additionally, funds can be sent and received to-and-from external wallets, so you can make payments to third-party services as well as accept payments from others also.

At the moment only EU citizens are eligible for this feature, as the company is based and regulated in Europe, however, is planned to expand in due time.

Change is a sophisticated financial platform for individuals with high financial ambitions. By making the management of cryptocurrency simple, efficient and safe – Change is positioned to facilitate the next wave of cryptocurrency adopters in 2019.

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Download the Change App to buy and sell Bitcoin commission-free and order your crypto-friendly debit card. Available in Europe for iOS and Android.