Master margin trading with "Learn & Earn" feature

CFD trading
September 26, 2023
Are you intrigued by the world of margin trading but hesitant to risk your money? We've got exciting news for you! Change is thrilled to introduce our latest feature, "Learn & Earn," designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of margin trading. In this article, we'll dive into the details of this feature and how it can benefit you.

Unlocking the Power of "Learn & Earn"

The primary purpose of the "Learn & Earn" feature is to provide you with a safe and risk-free environment for learning the ins and outs of margin trading. You can explore the basics of trading and experiment with various trading strategies without risking your real capital. It's like having a virtual trading playground at your fingertips.

Exclusively for CFD Instruments

"Learn & Earn" is exclusively designed for trading Contract for Difference (CFD) instruments. It does not include spot (1x) crypto trading.

If you're new to CFD trading, you can enhance your understanding by checking out our article on the Basics of Short and Long Positions. It's a great resource to complement your learning journey with "Learn & Earn."

Who Can Use "Learn & Earn"?

If you're a Change customer who hasn't transferred funds to your margin account yet, congratulations! "Learn & Earn" is designed specifically for you. It's your chance to dip your toes into margin trading without any financial commitment.

However, if you've already transferred funds to your margin account or opened a real margin position, the "Learn & Earn" feature won't be available to you at the moment. It's exclusively for those who are new to margin trading.

How Does "Learn & Earn" Work?

You'll receive demo money to execute trades once you enable "Learn & Earn" in the app. These funds are not real money, and the trades you make are purely for practice. You can open as many trades as you like using any of the 363 available CFD instruments in the app.

Trade any of the CFD instruments through "Learn and Earn": stocks, indices, Forex, commodities, and crypto 2x.

Transition to Real Trading

The beauty of "Learn & Earn" is that it serves as an excellent stepping stone to real trading. Your experience with the demo account will equip you with the skills and knowledge to make better-informed decisions when you decide to trade with actual capital.

Keep in mind that when you make a real money transfer to the "Stocks, Indices & Margin" account or open a real margin trade, the "Learn & Earn" feature will disappear. Additionally, it will automatically disappear 30 days after opening a "Learn & Earn" account.

Compete and Win with "Learn & Earn"

As an exciting bonus, from time to time, Change hosts trading competitions that invite customers to trade with the Change app. Your "Learn & Earn" trading activity might also be included in measuring the results of these trading competitions. Right now we're running a Trading Tournament where you can win a share of the €1,000 prize pool🤩 Learn more and register using this link: Change Trading Tournament.

In conclusion, "Learn & Earn" is your passport to the world of margin trading without financial risk. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and unlock your trading potential. Enable "Learn & Earn" now and start your trading adventure with Change.