July's most traded instruments

CFD trading
August 3, 2023
In the fast-paced world of finance, the month of July witnessed a flurry of trading activity on the Change app, with investors and traders seeking opportunities across a diverse range of instruments. Let's delve into the highlights of the most traded CFD instruments, popular stocks, and top gainers that dominated the platform last month.

Top Gainers in July

Stocks that had the best performance in July
  • RIVN (+48.9%): Rivian's impressive gains were fueled by anticipation of upcoming vehicle launches and the company's positioning within the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.
  • ROKU (+48%): Roku, a streaming platform, saw a substantial surge in value as it continued to benefit from the growing trend of digital content consumption and the increasing importance of streaming services.
  • NIO (+43.5%): NIO, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, recorded significant gains as the company expanded its footprint and announced strategic initiatives to capture a larger share of the global electric vehicle market.

Most traded instruments

  • Brent Oil (Commodities Margin): Brent oil, a benchmark for global oil prices, led the pack among commodities, reflecting the continued interest in energy markets and their potential for lucrative gains.
  • Nasdaq (Indices Margin): The tech-heavy Nasdaq index remained a focal point for traders, mirroring the enduring fascination with technology companies and the potential for market-moving announcements in the sector.
  • Gold (Commodities Margin): Gold, a timeless safe-haven asset, continued to attract attention as traders sought shelter from market uncertainties and fluctuations.
  • EUR/USD (Forex): The EUR/USD forex pair, a cornerstone of the currency market, saw robust activity as traders navigated the dynamic interplay between two of the world's most widely used currencies.

Most traded stocks

The most traded stocks by Changemakers
  • RIVN: Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, garnered substantial attention from traders with its innovative approach to sustainable transportation and the company's potential to disrupt the automotive industry.
  • TESLA: Tesla, a perennial favorite among traders, maintained its popularity with its groundbreaking advancements in electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, drawing significant trading interest.
  • MMM (3M Company): The 3M Company, known for its diverse range of industrial and consumer products, piqued trader interest due to its widespread influence across various sectors and potential for growth.
  • META (Meta Platforms, Inc.): The Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, remained a key focus for traders as the company continued to explore new frontiers in augmented and virtual reality technologies.
  • PLTR (Palantir Technologies): Palantir Technologies, a data analytics company, maintained its presence on the radar of traders, driven by its role in harnessing the power of big data to provide insights for various industries.

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