It’s now easier to buy Bitcoin with Change

August 16, 2018

Add money to your Change account

Up until now, Change users had to select the cryptocurrency they wanted to buy before completing a bank transfer. As SEPA transfers take about one working day to be processed, this forced users to be exposed to price volatility while the transaction is not completed.

It’s time to improve. 🔥You can now add money to your Change account before purchasing your first cryptocurrency. If for example you transfer €50, this is exactly the value you will see in your Change account, labeled as “Uninvested”. Change will not be holding users’ funds. Instead, Change uses EUR₮ , a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the Euro. No more price volatility risk!

How do I add money to my Change account?

  1. Tap the ‘+’ button located in the bottom bar
  2. Select amount you want to add to your account in €
  3. Select payment method
  4. Follow the payment instructions
  5. Use the conversion feature to convert your “Uninvested” balance to other cryptocurrencies

The payment instructions will also be sent to you via email.

Native app

We have released native apps for Android and iOS devices. In comparison to the previous version, the user experience of the app has been enhanced. Make sure to keep your app updated by downloading the latest version on App Store and Google Play.

CAG token on OKEx

Recently, OKEx Exchange has announced that a selected group of cryptocurrencies will be hidden or delisted from the platform. Among the cryptocurrencies to be hidden is CAG (Change Token), due to low trading volume in the platform. As announced on Telegram, we are in contact with OKEx to find out what the best solution is for both parties.

Plans for the future

Accepting debit and credit cards as a payment method

Currently, users can add money to their Change account via bank transfer. Although free, this payment method is not instant which means users will not have access to their funds immediately. Accepting debit and debit cards as a payment method will solve this issue by allowing users to add money to their Change account instantly. We will soon start integrating this solution.

Making account verification even easier

As Change is a regulated entity providing financial services, we must get to know you better before we can allow you to buy and convert cryptocurrencies and order a card.

Currently, the personal information requested during the verification process is:

  • Personal details such as name, date of birth, and address
  • Photo of identity document
  • Photo of a credit card statement or utility bill to verify your address
  • Selfie

To simplify the verification process, we will no longer request a photo of a credit card statement or utility bill during the account opening. Users will be able to add money to their account and convert cryptocurrencies without validating their address. However, this document will still be requested for users who want to withdraw their cryptocurrencies or order a card.

To follow our latest updates, make sure to join the discussion on Telegram.

Download the Change App to buy and sell Bitcoin commission-free and order your crypto-friendly debit card. Available in Europe for iOS and Android.