Change - the latest addition to Estonia’s Startup Wall of Fame

August 4, 2021

Hollywood has its stars, and Estonia has its startups 🌟

We admit it, we’ve been keeping a secret, but we just can’t hold onto it any longer; Change is now an official member of Estonia’s startup Wall of Fame, joining the likes of Wise, Bolt and Pipedrive!

The Wall of Fame is a celebration of the biggest startup success stories in Estonia organised by Lift99. Being a member of the wall means a lot to us because the criteria aren’t just about impressive growth and revenue figures; the criteria also focus heavily on the impact and greater good the startups create. They’re looking at what Change and our community are doing that ultimately makes the world a better place.

Our mission at Change is to unleash a borderless financial system run by the people. We’re determined to shape a better financial system for all. Our vision of this financial system is accessible, decentralised, and for the people by the people. One in which your money and financial services work for you - not the other way around. And, it seems, our mission resonates with people far and wide as we’ve seen super speed growth over the past few months. We’re now helping over 87,000 verified changemakers across 30 European countries to invest in cryptocurrencies, commodities and startups; an increase of 185% from June ‘20 to June ‘21.

Our growth, paired with our dogged determination to change the financial world for the better, is what landed us a converted spot on the Wall of Fame. At Change, we’re focused on three key areas in which we can effect change.

Change is now an official member of Estonia’s startup Wall of Fame
Change is now an official member of Estonia’s startup Wall of Fame

Developing our startup community

😍 Did you know that Change was heavily inspired by Estonian entrepreneurship? And, we continue to be! So far, we’ve supported student entrepreneurs, Junior Achievement Eesti, for five years.

👼 We’ve also made seven angel investments into local Estonian startups. We support our community with investment, strategic support and sharing all experience our team of 60 startup superstars possess.

Advancing crypto regulation

⚖️ Our tiptop team of FinTech fans have already dedicated over 100+ hours to help shape cryptocurrency regulation in Estonia, and we’re not looking at slowing down anytime soon.

Raising awareness of the importance of investing and different assets available

✊ Over 7000 investors of 109 nationalities around the world back Change today. Together we’re raising awareness around financial literacy and cryptocurrencies, from supporting and hosting educational events with our investors to working with local businesses to enable their projects in the crypto space. We love loudly banging the drum for the future of finance.

Without our community of Changemakers and our team, however, a spot on the wall wouldn’t be possible. So we’d like to say a massive thank you for all your support, feedback and any and every part you’ve played in Change’s journey so far.

To continue creating a positive impact for Changemakers news and old, our local startup community and the crypto community at large, we’re always on the lookout for our newest unicorn team members. If you want to shake up the finance world with us, why not check out our careers page or drop us an email - we’re waiting to hear from you!

Change in numbers

  • €850M in all-time trades
  • €18.3M funding to date with last round of €3.7M at a €175M valuation
  • 7,000+ investors from every corner of the world
  • 87,000+ verified customers across 30 countries from 100+ nationalities
  • 68,000+ stores in 102 countries - the number of places Changemakers have used their Change card
  • 92% lowest-ever quarterly customer satisfaction rating vs 87% industry average
  • 60 team members from 17 countries speaking 25+ languages
  • 50% of the management team is female
  • 4,600 applications received in 2 years with 41 people chosen