Change Investor Card makes paying with crypto mainstream

April 1, 2022

Day-to-day crypto use got a whole lot easier after the launch of a new investor card. It allows Changemakers to make quick crypto payments for everything – and, in turn, escape the high inflation associated with the euro.

Why is it important?

Previously, making a crypto or a savings account payment at a shop involved first manually transferring funds to a card and then making a separate payment for the goods. Now, using the Change Investor Card any transaction can be instantly completed using any account via one tap of our app.

Crucially, this means Changemakers can now pay at any shop that accepts traditional card payments with any of their digital assets as they choose. Everything from their morning coffee to cinema tickets can now be paid for by crypto such as Bitcoin.

Another big advantage for Changemakers is our account solution which provides a competitive 7% APY, all while spending the same euros with the card. At a time of increased economic volatility across Europe, this comes as more people seek new ways to protect their wealth and escape the impact of high inflation by gravitating to cryptocurrencies. The crypto world continues to move into the mainstream, with 2021 seeing Bitcoin reach record highs and the global market hit 295 million users.

Gustav Liblik, the CPO and Co-Founder of Change comments: “In a world with growing inflation rates, more investors of all ages and demographics are increasingly looking for new ways to generate and protect their wealth. The Change Investor Card is the perfect tool helping people to battle inflation by effortlessly spending with their digital wallet, soon to be followed by stocks.

It removes a key hurdle for mainstream crypto adoption by taking the complexity out of payments and enabling nearly any product or service to be paid for by crypto. This follows in our continued commitment to removing the barriers and complexities to wealth creation for all.”