Athletes and Investing: BC Kalev/Cramo Portfolios Part 3

Investing Strategy
May 7, 2024

We recently initiated a pioneering partnership with Estonia's basketball powerhouse, BC Kalev/Cramo, first time ever in Estonia establishing a sports sponsorship in crypto.

As a part of the exciting partnership, we looked into the investment experiences of the team's players. We were especially interested in how strategies from successful sports careers can effectively translate into savvy financial decisions.

Kalev/Cramo investment insights

Questions to the players are:

  1. When did you start investing?
  2. How is your investment portfolio distributed across different assets?
  3. Which investment do you consider your "3-point shot" and why?
  4. Are there any similarities between basketball and investing? If so, what are they?

Leemet Böckler

Position: Guard

Age: 23

Height: 198 cm 

Nationality: EST

  1. I started investing in 2020, when I moved to America to play college basketball and got the chance to trade the American market. When I moved back to Estonia, there was a short break, but from this autumn onwards, I got back into it.
  2. My portfolio consists of about 80% stocks and equity funds and a small amount (20%) of crypto. 
  3. I consider my investment in the S&P 500 my "3-pointer", because it generally does not disappoint unless there is an economic downturn. This fund is characterised by stable growth: as time goes on, investments grow more.
  4. You can't do investing and basketball without learning and earning. If basketball is a physical sport, investing is a mental sport. You have to practice, think and educate yourself to be successful at it. Setbacks come with the territory in both sports, never let your head drop. 

Janis Berzins

Position: Forward

Age: 31

Height: 201 cm 

Nationality: LAT

  1. I started investing a couple of years ago when I had more spare money to invest. 
  2. My portfolio consists of 60-70% equities, which I think is a safe choice, and the rest in various cryptos. Cryptos are at higher risk, but have a higher profit potential. 
  3. For me, it is essential to put my money in different places and one of them can be a very good "3-point bet". Like in basketball, if you make three to five 3-point shots, not all of them may go in, but the more shots you make, the greater the chance. So this principle applies in the game, in life and in investing. 
  4. Don't be afraid to take risks, but also try to listen to your basketball coach or an intelligent investor, who can help you win the game or make better choices in investing. It's hard to win without experience and knowledge — both are important in basketball and investing. 

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Stay tuned in the next weeks as we uncover more BC Kalev/Cramo's top players' manoeuvres in the investment arena!