Athletes and Investing: BC Kalev/Cramo Portfolios Part 2

Investing Strategy
April 29, 2024

We recently initiated a pioneering partnership with Estonia's basketball powerhouse, BC Kalev/Cramo, first time ever in Estonia establishing a sports sponsorship in crypto.

As a part of the exciting partnership, we looked into the investment experiences of the team's players. We were especially interested in how strategies from successful sports careers can effectively translate into savvy financial decisions.

Kalev/Cramo investment insights

Questions to the players are:

  1. When did you start investing?
  2. How is your investment portfolio distributed across different assets?
  3. Which investment do you consider your "3-point shot" and why?
  4. Are there any similarities between basketball and investing? If so, what are they?

Kregor Hermet

Position: Forward 

Age: 27

Height: 205 cm 

Nationality: EST

  1. My first introduction to investing was three years ago. As they say, the time to start is "yesterday", so I tried to make my first purchases and see what the world was all about. 
  2. Today's portfolio is almost entirely made up of individual stocks and I am also interested in indexes. If, at the beginning of your investment journey, you always want to get a quick and immediate return and follow the market and prices all the time, I have now realised that this kind of day-to-day grind is not for me. At the moment, I want to take a serious look at my portfolio and adjust my strategy. As a new direction, I would invest more in index funds through the third pillar and with individual stocks. I would try to target more solid dividend payers to build up a portfolio over the long term that would generate good passive returns. 
  3. If I had to pick one stock whose timing went pretty well, it would be Activision Blizzard (a well-known game maker). I bought it even before Microsoft announced its intention to buy the company and the share price rose nicely.
  4. Both basketball and investing are 'games' in the head, and strategy has to be put in place. Rushing into action often does not lead to good decisions. Patience is important. Like in basketball, where players have diverse skills and not everyone can perform every task on the court in the same manner, similarly in investing, it's essential to identify your strengths and develop strategies that best suit you.

Severi Kaukiainen

Position: Point Guard

Age: 26

Height: 184 cm 

Nationality: FIN

  1. I started investing about 4–5 years ago.
  2. My portfolio consists of 99% index funds.
  3. My "3-point shot" in investing was the day I decided to start investing.
  4. Like basketball, investing will likely experience ups and downs. During these times, you just need to trust yourself and be patient and good things will happen.

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Stay tuned in the next weeks as we uncover more BC Kalev/Cramo's top players' manoeuvres in the investment arena!