Athletes and Investing: BC Kalev/Cramo Portfolios Part 1

Investing Strategy
April 22, 2024

We recently initiated a pioneering partnership with Estonia's basketball powerhouse, BC Kalev/Cramo, first time ever in Estonia establishing a sports sponsorship in crypto.

As a part of the exciting partnership, we looked into the investment experiences of the team's players. We were especially interested in how strategies from successful sports careers can effectively translate into savvy financial decisions.

Kalev/Cramo investment insights

Questions to the players are:

  1. When did you start investing?
  2. How is your investment portfolio distributed across different assets?
  3. Which investment do you consider your "3-point shot" and why?
  4. Are there any similarities between basketball and investing? If so, what are they?

Manuel Suarez

Position: Center 

Age: 31

Height: 205 cm 

Nationality: CL/ESP/USA

  1. I started investing between 2020-2021. 
  2. My investment portfolio includes an S&P 500 index fund, shares in Marvel Technology, Amazon stock and crypto – Bitcoin.
  3. The biggest “three-point shot” I made in investing was buying the Dogecoin crypto stock on its high run.
  4. The similarity between basketball and investing is firstly, practice reading and understanding the charts before investing. Secondly, understand the situation of the business or stock you want to get into (for example, do you scout before investing).

Kaspar Kitsing

Position: Guard 

Age: 23

Height: 200 cm 

Nationality: EST

  1. I started investing in 2020. 
  2. My investment portfolio comprises significant cryptocurrency, some dividend stocks and even a few lottery tickets. I do not hold any shares in Estonian companies.
  3. Imago BioSciences would probably be my three-point shot. The IPO was around the summer of 2021. One evening, I started delving into it quietly, which seemed interesting. I placed my orders and about 12 months later, it was bought out by a large company.
  4. Both basketball and investing involve risks. Everything you do on the court or in your portfolio is somewhat risky, because you can only predict things up to a certain point. It's not worth relying solely on luck.

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Stay tuned in the next weeks as we uncover more BC Kalev/Cramo's top players' manoeuvres in the investment arena!