2022 year in review

December 30, 2022

How Change looks today

Change is a leading investment app in Central and Eastern Europe with a crypto-first mindset. Its mission: to simplify wealth creation for all. Rain or shine, Change believes all customers should be able to build wealth in any market or economic condition – over 125,000 Changemakers from 28 countries use Change to do this today, and those from Spain, Italy, Czechia and Estonia are doing so in their native language.

Security and compliance, much like in this sentence, have always come first at Change. Ultra-fast growth and lax practices have often been the combination best suited for failure in this industry. Instead, Change has become an authorised investment services provider through the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets; holds further licensing for crypto-services through the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit; Change Group is audited independently each year, and is currently undergoing an audit by Grant Thornton.

Change’s flagship offering is its suite of crypto products. Customers can invest in 57 cryptocurrencies and earn passive staking rewards with many of them. All cryptocurrencies are instantly spendable with the Change Visa card, making it simple to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life without having to transfer, exchange, or hassle.

Changemakers will find a wide range of ETFs,  indices, Stocks* and commodities in the app. This enables all traders to diversify their investments and thrive in various market conditions.

Change is owned by its users. Following the CAG to CNG token swap and Funderbeam trading launch, Changemakers may get equity or equity exposure in Change and help to continue its steady growth!

Highlights of  2022


Cryptocurrency staking was the most anticipated product launch by Changemakers in 2022. Customers now use staking to earn passive income on their crypto holdings – currently involves 14 assets, with more on the way. We expected staking to be the most successful feature launch of the year, and indeed it was.

ETFs / indices

Changemakers can now invest in a wide variety of indices and ETFs, helping them gain exposure to S&P, Nasdaq, real estate, biotech, clean energy and more. ETFs and indices are a major step forward in helping to advance our mission beyond crypto.

New languages

The Change app is now available in 5 languages: English, Czech, Estonian, Spanish and Italian – Changemakers from these countries now have a seamless experience more personal to each of them. As Change continues to grow, more languages will be added to the pipeline.

Building a stronger community

  • All Change Telegram groups have transitioned from customer support roles into investment idea and conversational sharing groups that centre around Change and its community.
  • Trusted investment analysts share their Market research and ideas across all segments, like crypto (established projects and early startup gems), FX, stocks and commodities. Changemakers don’t need to pay for closed groups or investment subscription services. It’s free. Forever.
  • Change gives back to people who helped, and allows Changemakers to participate in community raffles, trading tournaments and giveaways to gain a bit extra on their accounts – throw a little fun in there along the way.
  • We’ve worked hard to keep a constant string of fun and exciting referral campaigns coming through 2022. Changemakers will continue to have many ways to earn when they tell others about their favourite investing app.

Planning 2023 and beyond

The building blocks of Change are strong - a competitive and multi-asset investment platform with licences and industry-leading asset security. In 2023, we’re looking at improving each of these building blocks even further with more assets and tools to invest and trade, further audits, and an enhanced Proof of reserves centre.

Building an even stronger community

2023 is going to be full of goodies:

  • More analysts and experienced traders will join, meaning more data, skills, trading challenges and early insights on upcoming projects in the crypto space.
  • Launch of the Discord server. Discord will allow for better tracking of info, chats and specific channels in a more organised way. We’ll maintain our Telegram community for the happy scrollers but will put fresh content in Discord first.
  • Integration of the community and rewards inside Change. This will allow Changemakers to gain access to all-things Change without having to switch between multiple applications.