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New to trading?

We got your back. Here are some of the frequent questions people ask
around CFDs, wallets, payment methods, and usage.

What is CFD Trading?
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CFD stands for a Contract for Difference - why? You earn money based on the difference in price from when you enter the contract to when you exit. Rather than purchasing an asset, like Bitcoin, you simply enter an agreement with a CFD broker based on the direction you believe the price will go.
Why might I trade CFDs?
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Less fees, easier ability to access, ability to short-sell. Engaging in CFD trading means you don’t own the asset, simply a financial contract; this gives more flexibility and operates independently of the actual market itself. It does run a stronger chance of loss, however, if the market moves against your price prediction.
What is leverage trading?
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Trading with leverage means that you’re using borrowed capital (money) when opening a position. It increases profit by multiples (such as 2x) while also increasing the possible loss. It is possible to use leverage as an option for both buying (long) and selling (shorting) open positions. The capital borrowed is always paid back plus a small fee, generally.
How can I pay for CFDs?
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To trade a CFD you need to verify your identity and transfer funds to your Change account. Before getting full access to services you need to make at least one SEPA deposit from your personal bank account. You can instantly transfer money from your investment balance to your margin account.
Is CFD trading legal?
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The legality of CFD trading varies by country, but there are many countries where it is legally permitted when properly regulated. Change partner Indexa B.V. is authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).
Is CFD trading safe?
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Any financial investment involves risk, and CFDs are no different. However, trading CFDs with leverage increases your market exposure, thereby, increasing your risk.