Trustworthiness and security

9 steps of safety that we are doing

1. License and compliance
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We are a regulated cryptoasset service provider and fully compliant with all the relevant regulations in Estonia and in the EU.
Licensed by the Estonian Financial Unit, xChange AS is authorised to provide virtual currency services (licence number FVT000072). License information:
2. Security and personal data protection
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Change app and our infrastructure has formally received the PCI DSS compliance certificate. This means our security is on par with one of the world's most demanding security standards.
We have designated Data Protection Officer who is responsible of making sure we process personal data lawfully and according to the best industry standards.
3. Well capitalised and transparent
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We are well funded for years to come and the entity providing services to you (xChange AS) has capital that exceeds legal requirements by five-fold. We're here for the long run.
Every year we publish an audited financial statement that gives a detailed overview of our assets and finances. The reports are available at
4. World's most secure custody solution
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We are safeguarding your digital assets with the world’s most secure and compliant custody solution provided by BitGo. Since 2013, they have been the market leader in delivering institutional grade security solutions for blockchain-based services.
If something should still go wrong, for example third-party hacks, theft or loss of private keys, insider theft of dishonest acts by BitGo employees or executives, your assets are covered with a $100 million insurance policy.
5. Funds segregation
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Our strong partnership with LHV Bank and EU financial institutions keep your funds safe and segregated at all times.
6. Strong AML measures
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Our perfect track record matches our zero tolerance policy for illicit activity. Our compliance and support teams work tirelessly to prevent such things as terrorist financing, child pornography, and sanction evasions.
We comply thoroughly with internal, regulatory and partner-based guidelines with each case and every customer.
7. There for you
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Our team is highly active and responsive. From Telegram to live chat, emails and much more, we want to hear from you - mad, sad or glad.
8. Fraud and crime detection software
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We use sophisticated technology in the crypto-sector to detect and prevent fraud. State-of-the-art software helps raise customer awareness on particular cryptoasset transactions, counter-parties, and their reputations to aid in protecting customer funds.
9. Member of Industry Associations
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A hub for startups and local fintechs, Finance Estonia has aided in supporting the Estonian economy by increasing business opportunities through the enhancement of financial sector development and innovation since 2011.
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