Tinder Campaign Terms and Conditions

1. The campaign is open to the users who have signed up for a Change account for the first time.

2. The campaign is open from 11:00 GMT February 14 until 23:59 GMT February 28, 2022.

3. To take part in the campaign, participants must sign up using the link provided in the chat after matching with the Change profile on Tinder.

4. Participants cannot create duplicate accounts to take part in the campaign.

5. Participants must buy or sell any cryptocurrency via the Change app during the campaign period.

6. Participants must have a minimum total trading volume (Buy or Sell) of €100 during the campaign period to qualify for a welcome bonus.

7. Only completed market orders count towards participation in the campaign. Unexecuted limit and stop orders don’t count.

8. The quantity of bonuses is limited to 1000 participants for the campaign.

9. Each eligible participant can receive only 1 bonus during the campaign.

10. €10 worth of Ethereum will be credited to the first 1000 eligible participants to their Change accounts by 23:59 GMT on March 4, 2022.

11. Participants who qualify for the bonus cannot withdraw the bonus from their accounts within 30 days after crediting.

12. Change will contact the qualified users via the e-mail provided during registration.

13. Change reserves the right to cancel the campaign or change its terms at any time without giving prior notice and by making the information available on the website.  

14. Should Change detect fraud or any manipulation of the campaign rules or abuse, or violations of any terms and conditions of Change, the relevant user will be suspended from the current campaign.

15. Change Privacy Policy and General and Wallet terms apply in addition to campaign terms.