Referral campaign Terms and Conditions


a. Change offers customers the possibility to earn a referral reward (the “Campaign”) for inviting friends who successfully qualify according to these Terms and Conditions.

b. This Campaign shall be governed by the General T&Cs.

2. DURATION - The duration of the Campaign will be from 10:00 GMT December 6 until 23:59 GMT December 18 2022 or until the reward pool has been reached (the “Duration”).

3. CUSTOMER PRE-QUALIFICATION / ELIGIBILITY - To be eligible / pre-qualified to participate in the Campaign as a referrer, an existing customer must receive a Campaign announcement directly from Change via email. If the customer has not received an email directly from Change, they are not eligible to participate in the Campaign. Change reserves the right to exclude certain users from the Campaign even after receiving the email.

4. REQUIREMENTS - The referred friend must meet all of the following requirements:

a. Install the Change app after clicking on the host's unique referral link.

b. Be a new Change user; they must not have applied for a Change account before. This includes but is not limited to email address, phone number or national id number.

c. Complete the sign-up and successfully verify their account in accordance with our general T&Cs.

d. Complete a fiat deposit in accordance with our general T&Cs.

e. Buy any cryptocurrency using market orders in the minimum total equivalent volume of €200 (the “principal amount”).

f. Limit or stop orders are not eligible to complete a trade.

g. Change reserves the right to exclude certain users from the Campaign even after the requirements are met.


a. The referral reward is equal to up €50 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency per each qualified friend and is limited to 2 rewards within the Duration of the Campaign.

b. The first 100 referred friends will be eligible for the reward in the equivalent of up to €50 in Bitcoin.

c. The rewards range from €5 to €50 in Bitcoin with the following probability distribution:  €5 - 86%, €10 - 8%, €25 - 4%, €50 - 2%. The distribution will vary depending on the previous rewards.

d. The rewards will be credited to all eligible customers by 23:59 GMT December 23 2022.


a. There is no limit to the number of friends a single customer can invite.

b. Customers can invite friends who are eligible to become customers, which includes but is not limited to residing in the territories where Change is available and natural persons of at least 18 years of age.

c. Change does not allow any customer to self-invite through multiple accounts. If such activity is detected, all referrals will be cancelled from the Campaign.

d. Change reserves the right to cancel the referral Campaign or change the terms of the referral Campaign at any time without giving prior notice and by making the information available on the website.

e. If Change deems that after pre-qualification, the invited user (referred user) has withdrawn the “principal amount”, Change will not reward neither referrer user nor referred users as this behaviour might be considered manipulative and not be in accordance with our T&Cs.


a. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting the referral code/link through the use of paid advertising on 'Change' or Change-related keywords is prohibited. Bidding or running ads on search brand keywords that include 'Change' or similar variations and using 'Change' branded terms in your ad copy. Referrers who engage in such activities will have their referral codes/links deactivated and all referrals resulting from such activities are ineligible for reward.

b. Should Change detect any manipulation of the Campaign, the customer will be suspended from the current Campaign.

c. Change will at all times have the right to reclaim rewarded assets.

d. Change may unilaterally initiate extraordinary termination of the contract with the customer and close the customer’s account without providing advance notice in case infringement of the Campaign T&Cs has been detected.


a. These Terms and all communications related to the Campaign are published and provided in English. We may publish translated versions of these Terms or any chapter therein in any language other than English, however, these versions are of informational nature. Should there be any discrepancies or deviations between the languages, the English version shall prevail.

b. If any discrepancies arise between the Campaign T&Cs and the General T&Cs, the latter shall prevail.