First Trade Insurance campaign Terms and Conditions

1.     The campaign is open to all Change users who received a promotional email about the offer.

2.     The campaign runs from 14:00 GMT May 3 until 09:00 GMT May 9, 2022.

3.     Participants must have at least €100 worth of any crypto on their portfolio to qualify for the rewards.

4.     Participants can invest in one or multiple cryptocurrencies.

5.     If the portfolio decreases in value by May 9 at 09:00 GMT, a participant will get a reward equal to the difference between the initial investment and the actual balance on May 9. The accumulated portfolio value is taken into account. In case €50 in BTC goes up by 5%, and €50 in ETH goes down by the end of the campaign, then the portfolio's total value remains €100; thereby, the loss for ETH is not covered.

6.     Only completed trades by 09:00 GMT on May 9 count towards the campaign.

7.     Participants can make multiple trades during the promotional period. There is no maximum limit on how much a participant can invest.

8.     The rewards (up tp €25 in ETH) will be credited to the qualified participants on their Change accounts by 17:00 GMT on May 10.

9.     Change reserves the right to cancel the campaign or change the terms of the campaign at any time without giving prior notice and by making the information available on the website.  

10.  Should Change detect fraud or any manipulation of the promotion rules or abuse of the promotion, the relevant user will be suspended from the current promotion.