Cashback on swap fees campaign Terms and Conditions


a. Change offers customers the possibility to reduce the swap fees for successfully qualifying to the conditions of this campaign according to these Terms and Conditions.

b. This campaign shall be governed by the General T&Cs.

2. DURATION - The duration of the campaign will be from 09:00 GMT, August 17, until 23:59 GMT, September 10, 2023.


a. Users need to open a margin account at Change before September 10, 2023.

b. Users need to make at least one margin trade that has an overnight fee between  August 17-September 10, 2023.

c. Only first-time margin traders can participate in this promotion. If users traded with margin at Change before August 17, they wouldn't be eligible for the bonus.


a. The cashback is the accumulation of the overnight fees for the trades made between August 17-September 10.
b. The minimum cashback payout is €1.
c. The maximum cashback payout is €250.

d. The cashback will be credited to the euro balance of all eligible customers by 23:59 GMT, September 17.


a. Should Change detect any breach of the customer contract, unlawful behaviour or manipulation of the campaign, the customer will be suspended from the current campaign and will not be rewarded.

b. Change may unilaterally initiate extraordinary termination of the contract with the customer and close the customer’s account without providing advance notice in case infringement of the campaign T&Cs has been detected.


a. These Terms related to the campaign are published and provided in English.
b. If any discrepancies arise between the campaign T&Cs and the General T&Cs, the latter shall prevail.

c. Change reserves the right to cancel the campaign or change its terms at any time without giving prior notice and by making the information available on the website.