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With as little as €10, you can start investing in physical gold without the overhead, storage and worry of old-school trading.

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Great app, no fees and fast support.
Strongly recommend!!!
Easy to use and intuitive. Great for starting investments and the CS are all sweet people.
I really love this app! Easy to use! Of course it is young app, but I believe in this project!

Diversify your portfolio with real gold

Before Bitcoin, there was gold. The universally accepted, accessible and wise way to protect your portfolio from inflation.

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100% insured, duty-free storage

Austrian regulations conveniently state that transactions in physical gold are 100% VAT free. Adding to the convenience of lower-cost trades.

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Security without any hassle

Physically-backed and safely stored in a high security facility in Austria. Real gold behind every trade without any risky, at-home storage and insurance woes.

Superstar support

Support you can rely on

When it comes to support we don't cut corners. Our customer support team is always there for you to guide through any questions you may have. Email us, or join our Telegram live chat for real-time assistance.

New to gold trading?

We got your back. Here are some of the frequent questions people ask

What does ‘physically backed’ mean?
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Every trade you make has real LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified refinery gold behind it. Nothing comes ‘out of thin air.’ Buying gold through Change Invest means that every purchase you make ensures you’re the owner of real gold stored securely in a vault in Austria. Gold is provided buy our partner Aufort.
How is the gold I buy on Change stored?
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Security is our forte. Stored securely in Austria in a secure and 100% insured vault, lies every bar traded digitally through Change Invest. You have no need for obtaining personal insurance, storage of your own, or any extra costs. And it’s 100% VAT free under Austrian regulations
Do I have to pay fees for gold?
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Yes. You pay a premium when buying/selling precious metals and there are storage fees. For buying gold, the premium is 0.5% of the amount you buy and for selling gold, the premium is 1% of the amount you sell. For all holdings above this amount you pay our standard fee of 0.0125% per week of the total amount you hold, which is a lot cheaper than the usual amount for storing precious metals in a secure and insured vault. It will be calculated daily and reduced from your margin wallet on a weekly basis (if the wallet balance is 0, no premiums are deducted).
Why are purchases duty-free?
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Trades through Change are stored in a duty-free storage facility in Austrtia and are not subject to VAT tax on any purchase under Austrian regulations.

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Daily from 20:58 till 22:01
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