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“Take responsibility for your own finances.”

Asse Sauga

“Ensure your financial future.”

Kristjan Kangro
Practical insights from real-life experience

This book (5h reading) gives you a beautiful overview of the main principles, technology, usage and history of money.

Easy to read

Because it was edited by a musician who knew nothing about Bitcoin before reading it and now can get by in the field pretty well.

Unveil the developments of cryptocurrency

This book narrates several problems, developments and directions of the cryptocurrency field. It's a perfect beginners guide into the topic!

Available in English & Estonian

Get the 130 page book delivered to your door for free and discover what Bitcoin is and how it works.

About the author

Written by Asse Sauga, a member of the Estonian Crypto Association and who previously worked at LHV bank. Asse has worked in the crypto space for nearly a decade and has been featured in popular blogs like Cointelegraph and many Estonian publishers covering digital currencies.

In 2017, a publisher approached Asse to do a book educating people about this new form of money known as cryptocurrency. It needed to be understandable for the average person.

This book not only helps readers gain an understanding of the new wave of opportunity that can impact their finances, but it also provides that information in a simple and clear way.

When Asse isn’t writing, he spends his days consulting on cryptocurrency and blockchain. His direct and unique perspective combined with deeper understanding of technology, metaphysics and psychology reveals a new dimension to finance that new investors should understand.

Take responsibility for your finances

Win a free copy of The Bitcoin Wave and learn how cryptocurrencies are changing the world of finance.

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