What is CNG? How is it different from CAG?

October 27, 2020

Let’s jump back a few years. If you knew Change back in 2017 then you may have taken part in the Change crowdfunding event. The first campaign launch raised €14.64M.

Change is now supported by over 5000 investors across the globe. Everyone who participated in the initial crowdfunding received CAG ERC-20 tokens in return for their investment. You can learn more about ERC-20 and Ethereum to see just how awesome they are.

Change launched another ERC-20 token last year - CNG. This was done to offer more flexibility and the opportunity to convert your initial investment into a convertible note for company shares.

When CNG was launched all CAG holders were able to convert their holdings into CNG. The token swap continues to the end of 2020. Read more about the CNG token swap if you’re interested in the history or swapping some CAG.

Where and why should I buy CAG?

This is a common question for Change. CAG still serves a major purpose as a prepayment tool for Change services. You can currently buy our debit card using CAG. It is likely that other services, such as paying for trading fees, will be added sometime in 2021 when then token swap has ended. Subscribe to our telegram group and blog to get the newest updates regarding CAG utility.

CAG is available for purchase from Uniswap.

Where and why should I buy CNG?

Become a part of our growth! We’re on track to complete our mission of being Europe’s #1 investment app.

We know it’s usually difficult to get shares in an early-stage startup, but with Change it’s already possible to grab a piece of the pie. That’s why CNG exists.

CNG is a convertible note for Change shares. You own 792,000 CNG, you own 1% of Change’s equity! Cool stuff. The price of 1 CNG is wholly determined by the market of buyers and sellers. You can learn all there is to know about our equity-like token CNG from our investor page.

Since CNG is an equity-like token, it is not listed on any major exchanges. Verified Change users can buy CNG directly from the Change app! That does mean you’ll need to be a resident or citizen in the European Economic Area. You can view sell orders and buy your first CNG from other investors. When you do, you can start setting your own buy and sell orders. 

  1. Find and tap on CNG in the list of assets, tap on Sell orders and then on Buy (if you already have CNG you can also add your Buy order and wait until it gets picked up by someone who is willing to sell at the price you set).
  1. Confirm your transaction and voila! you can now place sell and buy orders and see your balance of how much ownership of the total you have

Just remember...

  • CAG is a prepayment token that can be bought from Uniswap
  • CAG can be converted into CNG in the Change app (ends 31.12.2020)

  • CNG is an equity-like token that gives you a convertible note for company shares
  • CNG will be converted into company shares during 2021

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]